History of the original inline gas heater.


In 1938, Roy E. Mcllrath managed soda fountain operations at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. He was constantly facing carbon dioxide freeze-ups when gas flows increased.

Roy invents and patents the “automatic electric carbon dioxide heater”—the forerunner of today’s model. He later sells the company to Calco owner, [Name], from whom he was leasing space.


In 1980, Calco contracts Modern Engineering to begin manufacturing heaters.


In 1993, Calco creates the first custom heater for IBM to heat nitrogen up to 400°F with a special 300-watt, 220-volt, adjustable temperature control model with stainless steel tubes—the birth of the second heater, Model CC-1000.


Today, Calco is still the world leader in quality, inline heaters to prevent gas flow freeze-ups.

Meet the team

Allen Jarboe


Dave Ryman

Production Manager

Pete Zenker

Logistics Officer

Mike Vodnasky

Lead Assembly Manager

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“We have only dealt with Calco twice, but we are very satisfied with both the product and the service!”

Mark B., Facility Manager, Steel-Tech

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