Plug it in
and flow!

Improve productivity with consistent flow rates

Suitable for
a variety of compressed gasses

Made in
the USA

Can be left “ON” under no-flow conditions

A customizable inline gas heater for every industry.


Improve welding penetration performance and avoid potential porosity problems.


Reliable medical gas flow rates for controlled respiration, surgery, and tissue freezing.


More control in adding the finishing flavor, transferring beer, and purging tanks for the next round.

Food Packaging

Preserve the quality of your specialty foods with food-grade C02 packaging.


Consistent C02 crop enrichment to increase photosynthesis potential, especially on sunny days.


Bubble and bottle your beverages with the same ease as blanketing your tanks and barrels.

Rave Reviews

“The heater we purchased from Calco is used to warm CO2 so we can inert UST’s (underground storage tanks) before we put a camera inside the tank to do a visual inspection. It worked great and cut down the time by almost half of what it usually takes us to inert a UST. I’m sure this is not the usual way this heater is used, but it worked great and we will be using it on any future jobs we get!”

Ken S., Technical Support, Tanknology

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