For flow rates up to 160 or 320 SCFH

Calco Controls® Model CC-120

The Model CC-120 Inline Gas Heater can be configured with optional fittings to work with a variety of tanks, regulators, and gases. Between the cylinder valve and regulator, the heater warms the gas stream to allow for flow rates up to 160 SCFH without regulator freeze-ups. It can also be configured for high flow options up to 320 SCFH. The unit is encased in a brass body with an outer insulated jacket for safe and easy installation and removal. The gas heater is thermostatically controlled at 160°F to prevent gas from overheating.

Maximum Operating Pressure – 3000 psig
Voltage – 120 VAC
Power – 120 Watts, 1 amp or 240 Watts, 2 amp
Maximum Flow Rate – 160 SCFH or 320 SCFH for high flow
Thermostat Setting – 160°F +/- 5°F
Power Cord Length – 5 1/2 feet with standard 3-prong plug
Inlet and Outlet Connections – 1/4 NPT Female
Weight (approx.) – 2 lbs

For flow rates up to 1000 SCFH

Calco Controls® Model CC-1000

The Model CC-1000 Inline Gas Heater prevents regulator freeze-ups when using compressed gases at flow rates up to 1000 SCFH. The unit is thermostatically controlled and has patented double protection against thermal or electrical overload. With high-pressure tubing and no internal joints, the heater handles pressures up to 4600 psi with gas flowing in either direction. The unit stays cool in a heavily insulated cabinet and can be left “ON” even during no-flow conditions. C.S.A. Approved.

11” high x 5.5” wide x 4.25” deep
5/16” x .049 continues copper tubing
5/16” x .049 304 stainless tubing optional
11 lbs actual weight; 13 lbs shipping weight
6’3-wire UL/CSA cord
120/240 volts A.C., single phase
8.3/4.2 amps (1000 watts)
Mounting holes 3” O/C

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