CO2 freezes and damages equipment.

CO2 freeze-ups are an unexpected phenomenon for most business owners. They know they need CO2 to successfully run their businesses, from welding to medical to greenhouses and bottling. But they don’t anticipate the natural icy effects caused by compressed gas flowing from an overly heated tank through a low-pressure outlet.

“Why is
my regulator
freezing up?”

The Reason

When compressed gas is heated inside a tank from the sun or a warm room temperature, it expands causing a cooling effect, to the point of freezing up at high-speed flow rates and halting production. This can not only freeze your equipment—it can permanently damage it.

The Solution

Prevent freezing by warming the cooled carbon dioxide gas before it hits the regulator with an inline gas heater.

How an inline gas heater optimizes gas flow.

Simply connect a Calco Controls® inline gas heater between your tank and regulator to warm compressed gas and eliminate gas flow freeze-ups. Calco heaters plug in and safely warm the gas for continuous flow rates up to 1000 SCFH. The heaters are thermostatically controlled and can flow gas in either direction. It’s truly an indispensable device for anyone relying on fluid gas flow rates for their business.

Your #1 gas equipment purchase for a variety of benefits

Optimal Gas Flow

Continuous flow without freeze-ups

Protect Your Equipment

Prevent internal component icing damage

Thermostatic Control

Easily adjust to the perfect temperature

Prevent Welding Porosity

Ensure correct flow rates for each application

Keep Business Flowing

Stop halting production due to equipment icing

No More Make-shift Adjustments

Resolve gas flow freeze-ups the right way

Rave Reviews

“I can say with my company now and a previous employer, Calco’s heaters have been handy and adequate for low volume CO2 applications.”

Tony D., Outside Sales, Central Welding Supply

Fast growing industries don’t settle for slow flowing freeze-ups.

Calco Controls® inline heaters bring smooth quality control to your gas flow.

More industries are turning to industrial gas solutions for doing business, particularly in specialized markets. We’re here to help.

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